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And no, you don't need a computer degree to use it

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Improve Engagement

In a world of tldr, quizzes are a proven, and very sticky way, to engage your audience.

Stickiness, in turn, massively improves your search engine ranking as it positively affects your 'time on site'.

Whom is it for?

If you run a popular blog or website, jQuizzy is for YOU.

Our users span the entire spectrum from education to entertainment, from politics to science.

Get Shared
& Go Viral

Let's face it: we all like sharing. And we certainly love bragging!

jQuizzy produces tweetable, likeable and very shareable quizzes. The results can be shared directly at the end of the quiz too! Go viral in a jiffy!

How it works

Technology. Indistinguishable. Magic.

No, seriously. jQuizzy is powered by Ramen and water.

Step 1:
Just drag and drop to create your quiz with our intuitive, easy to use editor. Include as many images, or any media, as you want.
Step 2:
Copy and paste a small snippet of code where you want to display your quiz.
Step 3:
There's no step three! Enjoy the rest of your day. We recommend disco!

Features List

Here's a much longer, and detailed, feature set.

Procurement departments... We know, right?

Multiple Question Types
Choose from a range of types including the popular multiple choice, sort and free text types.
Timed Challenges
Need to create a precisely timed quiz? We've got you covered. We protect you against cheaters too.
Post-Quiz Reviews
Let your users walk through your quiz once they're done with the aid of your answers and explanations.
Drag & Drop Editor
Simply drag and drop to create your quiz. Re-arranging questions, and answers, is just as easy.
Usable Analytics
Every quiz you create comes with rich and usable analytics. Who doesn't love pretty charts?
Powerful Reports
jQuizzy includes powerful pre-built and custom filters to let you get just the data you want.
Open Source Warranty
In case we cease operating, the entire code base of jQuizzy will be released as open-source.
No Data Lock In
You can export your data and reports in a jiffy if you leave. We'll definitely be sad you left though.
Thoroughly Affordable
With plans starting at just $9.99 a month, you can't afford to not try it. You'll love it, we promise!

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We solemnly swear we're up to no evil.